Flores Overland (Example)

DAY 01

Maumere to moni

  • Drive from Maumere to Moni. There are many places on the way, which are worth to visit.
  • Go to the Wuring Sea Gypsy fishing village built on the poles above sea level. The Sea Gypsies of Wuring are descendants of the Bajo indigenous group.
  • Visit the Sikka village to see the famous wooden Portuguese church, which is close to the sea with stunning wide beaches. You can see the cocoa, coffee and pineapple plantations on the way.
  • Proceed to the exotic Koka beach to relax and swim. Have delicious grilled fish here.
  • Continue to Moni for an overnight stay.

DAY 02

Moni – Kelimutu – Riung

  • Hike up to Kelimutu (volcano) at 04:30 AM to witness the magical sunrise above the three coloured crater lakes.
  • Stop at Nduaria fruit market to try various tropical fruits.
  • See the Detusoko super green rice fields.
  • Visit the Penggajawa bluestone beach near Ende, where pebbles are exclusively turquoise and blue in colour.
  • Continue to Riung for an overnight stay.

DAY 03

Riung to 17 island

  • Take a boat trip to 17 island marine park. Here, you can snorkel in the pristine blue waters and see the stunning coral gardens. Relax at perfect white beaches and enjoy lunch at the beach.
  • Return to Riung for an overnight stay.

DAY 04

Riung to Bajawa

  • Drive to Bajawa- a small town in Flores.
  • Stop at Mengeruda Hot Springs at Soa for swimming and relaxation.
  • Visit the Bajawa open-air market before retiring to your accommodation here.

DAY 05

Bajawa to Ruteng

  • Visit Bena village and see the traditional houses and sacred places.
  • Pay a visit to the Arak distillery at Aimere. Arak is the local palm wine.
  • Proceed to see the Ranamese Lake, which is a 21 m deep crater lake in this mountainous natural reserve.
  • Overnight stay in Ruteng.

DAY 06

Ruteng to Labuanbajo

Drive to Labuanbajo, which is on the westernmost tip of the Island of Flores, for an overnight stay.

DAY 07

Labuanbajo – Rinca – Labuanbajo

  • Sail to Rinca island to see the famous giant Komodo dragon.
  • Proceed to Kelor island after that for snorkeling.
  • Stop at Angel Island or Bidadari for another round of snorkeling and return to Labuanbajo.